Chopin “Nocturne No.20”

Created with the image of “Nocturne No. 20 (posthumous work)” composed by Frederick Chopin (1810-1849). This accessory imprints the color behind. Wearing it on your skin is completely different from wearing it on black clothes. Wear it directly on your skin in the summer to keep it cool, and in the winter, wear it over your clothes to enjoy the warm and deep glow.

Nocturne No. 20 posthumous work
c-moll Op.48-1

The depth and the world view are expressed in glass. This accessory traps air bubbles in the glass. Bubbles are made using baking soda and etc., used in kitchens, but technical skills are required to trap the bubbles neatly. Temperature control becomes very hard, and the timing to melt the glass is also important.
All accessories are different in how bubbles appear and how colors look. It would be grateful if you could find your own unique item.

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Chopin “Nocturne No.20”