Glass art, which can be both an accessory and a work of art

About ayanofukumura

A world of colors created by glass by ayanofukumura.
Former pianist, the designer Ayano Fukumura is working on the production of glass accessories that express the world of sound through her musical activities.
In addition, we are actively collaborating with art exhibitions and art events not only in Japan but also overseas, and we are striving to spread Japanese arts and crafts through glass accessories.

The world of colors perfomed by glass
Just as the world of sounds differs depending on the piano piece, you can see different colors one by one in the process of creating glass.
Try these glass works which are unique in the world.


We are creating pieces with the technique of fusing and cutting glass crafts.
Melting and blowing the glass to draw patterns, layer it, or combine it with a metal coating.
Just as the world of sounds differ depending on the piano piece, it is a one of a kind glass work unique in the world.


We will continue with trial and error in order to bring the imaged world into glass.
Once the color is decided, we will combine glass sheets, glass paint, and glass powder then heat and melt them at a high temperature of about 800℃ several times, and after cutting with a glass cutter, polish them repeatedly one by one for 4 times to make each pieces.


We have an atelier in Ueno, Tokyo, a city of art where museums are concentrated.
In the atelier, along with glass equipment such as electric furnaces, grinders and cutting machines, there is also a piano placed, one which I have been playing since I was little.
I play the piano to expand the image.