The world of colors perfomed by glass

Just as the world of sounds differs depending on the piano piece, you can see different colors one by one in the process of creating glass.
Take a look at the world’s one and only glass works.

About ayanofukumura

Imitating the sounds
Accessories inspired from the world of piano pieces

The world of masterpieces of art
Collaboration with artists

These can both be an accessory and a work of art.
Producing the world’s one and only glass art.



Glass + Music

A world of sounds that glitters when you play the piano The glittering world which is being expressed by the glass.
Like when going to a concert, or when going to a museum, We want you to go out wearing glass accessories that makes you feel the music.
We hope that by doing so, it will enable to add colors to your daily life.


Glass + Art

Glass jewelry inspired by famous paintings.
The wonderous glowing accessories that expresses the world view of art will give you the feeling of wearing the art.


Glass + Art

These item collections are collaborations of various arts such as paintings, works of art, and events.
Here are some of the limited items that we carry at events and exhibitions.