Chopin “Nocturne No.13”

Created with the image of “Nocturne No. 13” composed by Frederick Chopin (1810-1849). This accessory imprints the color behind. Wearing it on your skin is completely different from wearing it on black clothes. Wear it directly on your skin in the summer to keep it cool, and in the winter, wear it over your clothes to enjoy the warm and deep glow.

Nocturne No. 13
c-moll Op.48-1

The uniqueness of Chopin, transparent feeling and the strength are put into the accessories.
It is a versatile accessory that is easy to match with your everyday clothes and outing clothes and can be worn lightly.

In order to express the world view, I dare to leave the texture of the glass grains. Therefore, temperature control when heating glass is important and difficult, and it is always necessary to pay attention to the temperature and humidity in front of the electric furnace. Due to the design that is uneven, the light is reflected more on the glass, and when worn, it shines brilliantly and gives a luxurious feel.

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Chopin “Nocturne No.13”