All ayanofukumura accessories are one-of-a-kind.
It makes me very happy to see customers who are trying and thinking their best to select the accessories that suit them from the accessories that have created one by one with the image of a piano piece.
Except for some products, we accept “repair of accessories” so that you can use it carefully for a long time.
(* Repairs are limited to ayanofukumura accessories. Please note that due to glass technique difference, accessories of other brands cannot be repaired.)

Explanation about fixing

Please contact us from the “Contact Us” below. We will get back to you as soon as possible and inform you of the delivery date.
Contact Us

Delivery date and budget

[Delivery time] Approximately one week to one month (depending on the content of the repair)
[Budget] Flat rate 2000 yen (repair fee 1000 yen + after repair shipping and cash-on-delivery charge) * A separate fee will be charged for metal fitting replacement.
[Payment] Please pay to the courier when you receive the product after repair.

Other notes

Broken glass is irreversible.
(If part of the glass is remained, it can be burned and melted again to fix, but the shape and texture will change.)

Even if the glass part is broken, you can use it again by polishing the remaining part.
(Please contact us as it is dangerous to use it while it is broken.)