Debussy “Clair de Lune”

Created with the image of “Moonlight” composed by Claude Debussy (1862-1918). It is a one-of-a-kind accessory made by combining glasses using a unique method by melting and polishing them.

From Suite Bergamasque
The third song “Moonlight” (Clair de Lune)

D flat major, Andante très expressif, 9/8 meter.

It is a nocturne that is mostly played by Pianissimo, and has a unique transparency and floating feeling.
In the pitch-black darkness, I played it while imagining the shining moonlight reflected on the water surface and the color changing of it.

When expressing it with glass, it is difficult to create a color gradation, and it is the difficult point, but finishing product is the fun point. I make each one one by one with the desire to make the people who wear it feel brilliant and bright like the surface of the water shining in total darkness.

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Debussy “Clair de Lune”